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Bruce has a Great Morning

by Josh Kimmes on November 13, 2020

Bruce - Golden Retriever

Age - 8

Bruce was half asleep knowing it was time for his owner to finally awake when he heard the creek of the bed springs.  Bruce shot up from his bed and ran as fast as he could towards his owners bed.

“I’ve been waiting all night to finally see my owner again, hopefully if I’m a good boy we can go for a walk.  I'll wag my tail extra fast so she knows I’m ready” Bruce thought to himself as he rushed to his owners bed and sat patiently waiting for her to get up.

Waiting for a response. A  muffled groan is her only reply. 

Bruce tries to sit calmly but can’t contain his excitement to greet his owner, as he sits still his tail still wags.

Thump.. Thump ...Thump...

 Bruce watches intently as she sits up slowly, wiping the sleep from her eyes.  She smiles down at him after taking a few minutes to wake up.

“Maybe if I stare directly into her eyes she will know I really really wanna go for a walk” Bruce thought to himself  

His eyes traced her as she stands up and walks over to him. A quick pat between his ears, and with that she walked to the kitchen with Bruce following closely.  As she opens the bag of dog food Bruce can barely contain his excitement as the scent of breakfast hits his nose.  

Thump.. Thump..Thump..Thump..Thump  Bruce now wagging his tail even faster with excitement as he waits for the command to devour his breakfast.

“Oh boy Oh boy food.  I’m so hungry, I’m always so hungry.  I want to eat so bad but I know I gotta wait until I’m told to be a good boy” Bruce thinks to himself as he stares at the food falling from the bag into the bowl.

“Come get it Bruce” she yells.

Bruce quickly stuffs his face in his bowl gulping so quickly he almost forgot to breathe.

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

The smell of freshly brewed coffee grazes the air, she smiles as she watches Bruce enjoy his breakfast. Just as Bruce takes his last bite a firm hand grabbed his collar, she attached the leash to him with ease, excitement flooded him. “Where are we gonna go, I’m so excited??!!” Bruce exclaimed

 The door flung open and he barely had the self control to not tug her forward, the delicious smell of newly cut grass drowned him. The delicate breeze tickled his nose. Pacing himself to her, he walked briskly, careful not to pull.

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