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Chloe gets a nice surprise

by Josh Kimmes on November 13, 2020

This bed is so soft. Stretching slowly she begins to knead the pillow her sharp claws piercing the fabric with ease. Sending relaxing vibes throughout her body. “I wonder where he is?” she questions herself.


The hinges on the door gave him away. Quiet movements from around the house proved that he was home.

 “He’ll come to me so I’m not that worried.” Chole thought to herself.

 She stands up slowly, turns in a circle once, twice than curls back up into a ball. 

Taking a deep breath in she can smell the scent of freshly laundered sheets.  Sinking into the soft, squishiness of comfort she stretches from her curled form. Chloe yawn and pricks her ears up, widening her tired teary filled eyes.  


The sound of footsteps approaching wakes her up fully from the afternoon nap. His voice fills her ears as he greets her. Chloe noticed that one hand was hidden behind his back and wondered what it could be. 

The smell of catnip fills the air, burning her nose in delight. Her eyes dilate at the thought. Mouth watering, drool falling faster than a waterfall. Excitement churns in her. 

Chloe bolts to him, all evening weariness forgotten to him, racing off the bed in the process. A smile greets her as he pours a small amount of the green herb into his hand, sprinkling it on the floor. His hand landed on her head, giving her a delightful scratch behind the ears.

 A purr forms in her throat, loud and proud. A deep thunder boomed out of her. Chole threw herself onto the floor, rolling gracefully in the dust, letting the scent soak deep into her fur. Pleasure and playfulness lulled out of her. His giant hand delicately placed  on her belly rubbing softly. 

She curled her body around his hand shoving her head into him, as a thank you. Chloe began to rub her cheeks all over him, rubbing her scent in deep, so all would know he belonged to her. Quick kisses followed by hard hugs she hoped would be enough to show her gratitude and love. 

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