• 100% animal safe, will not hurt your pets
  • Completely Silent - No annoying Jingle!
  • All backed by our LifeTime Warranty
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With our custom Durable Color Coat that will handle anything your pup can put it through. All backed by our LifeTime Warranty

SUPERIOR Slot Design

Stretches over any buckle for a STRONGER and MORE SECURE fit than flimsy rings. Our Tags come in 6 sizes for the perfect fit that sits flat and won’t snag even in the toughest outdoor conditions.

Silent. Safe. Comfortable.

Our tags are made from soft durable Silicone. You won’t hear it jingle. Your pup will love how comfortable it is. You’ll have peace of mind knowing there isn’t dangerous metal hanging off your pups neck.

Dog Collar Tag Pet ID Tag

  • Completely Silent - No annoying Jingle!

  • Easily stretches and slides over every style of collar with a buckle

  • Secure fit means no snagging like regular hang tags

  • Made from strong, durable, non toxic Industrial Grade Silicone

  • Made in the USA and Life Time warranty

  • Soft edges conforms to the curvature of your pets neck making it supremely comfortable.

  • Free shipping - Ships next business day

Adjustable Comfort Collars

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Dog Collar Tag
  • Super Strong Triangular double slot design

  • Stretchy enough to easily slide onto any collar

  • Big bold text is easy to read

  • Very comfortable soft Silicone

  • Only 1 piece silicone dog ID tag in existence

  • Completely silent

  • 100% animal safe, will not hurt your pets like other tags

  • Fits securely, so no snagging

  • Made in USA with lifetime warranty

Standard Hang Tag
  • Made Cheap

  • Fade Quickly

  • Only 1 attachment point

  • Loud Jingle Noise

  • Easily Gets caught on things

  • NOT SAFE - these can trap your dog or cat!!

Metal Slide Tags
  • Metal is uncomfortable for your pet

  • Only fit one type of collar

  • Sharp and pokey edges

  • Fade quickly

  • NOT SAFE - Sharp edges can cut your dogs neck!!

2 Piece Slide On ID Tags
  • Very small text is hard to read

  • Weak rings break easily

  • Metal is uncomfortable

  • 2 piece design just doesn’t hold up

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