Our Story

Personify Pets

How it all started

Personify Pets started just three years ago within a Buffalo, NY, machine shop that has produced high-precision manufacturing tools since 1959. Our employees overheard some of their coworkers and clients discussing how they couldn’t find any products that worked well with their dogs. From their dogs chewing up their ID tags and collars to ill-fitting harnesses, we knew thy needed and deserved better. Their pets needed well-made and precise supplies made to their standards, and since no other companies’ products were cutting it, we created Personify Pets.


Having over 60 years of experience making custom-fitted manufacturing tools to the exact specifications and standards of many different industries, we knew our team had the unique skill set needed to make pet supplies to the personal standards of every pet.

Why We do it


Your dog is part of your family. And you know that your dog has a unique personality. Some dogs are mor laid back, while others are furry balls of energy. But one thing remains true, all pets deserve the utmost respect and care. That’s why we provide products that are made precisely to your pet’s standards. We find that most other products only focus on function for the owner and can be annoying, uncomfortable, and downright unsafe for your pets. We ensure that all our products remain functional while being comfortable and safe. To do this, we create our products to fit the personal needs of all pets, no matter how unique.

Dog Collar Tag

Our neighbors had a very unique dog named Harley. Harley hated wearing ID tags and kept ripping them off, he also loved digging around the fence and escaping the yard. Luckily when he escaped one of the neighbors, who recognized him brought him back to his owner owner. But if that neighbor wasn’t in the right place at the right time there’s a good chance Harley wouldn’t have ever been found, dogs without ID tags only have a 15% chance of being returned to their owner! Harley needed, and frankly deserved, a better ID tag. So Personify Pets created the Dog Collar Tag, the only dog id tag in the world to be made from 1 piece of silicone and designed to be the safest and most comfortable dog id tag in existence, while still being extremely durable. Now even if Harley could rip through the strong silicone he doesn’t even try to rip it off since it’s so comfortable. Dog Collar Tag sits flat on the collar too so it can’t get caught or snag like a hanging tag would. Even if Dog Collar Tag manages to get snagged on a fence it has 2 slots holding it onto the collar so if one breaks Dog Collar Tag stays on the collar and your pet stays identified, and your Dog Collar Tag qualifies for it’s life time warranty. Dog Collar Tag also uses large bold print so medical conditions and diet restrictions won’t be missed. So now Harley’s owner can rest easy with the peace of mind knowing that Harley is comfortable, will always be identified (giving him an 85% chance on being returned if he escapes again!) and whomever finds him will know his dietary and medical restrictions.

Why Silicone?

Our neighbor has a Houdini dog on their hands named Harley. Harley loved digging around their fence and escaping the yard. To make matters worse, he tended to rip his ID tag off before breaking free. Luckily when he does slip out, someone usually recognizes him and returns him home safely. But what if a neighbor isn't in the right place at the right time? Dogs who escape from home without their ID tags only have a 15% chance of being returned. Harley deserved a better ID tag.


We knew that the tag had to be durable, it had to be comfortable, so Harley won't rip the ID tag off, and we had to reduce the chances of his tag getting snagged when slipping under the fence.


Metal tags are strong, but thy can get caught and rip off or even scratch another dog or a human sibling. Also, metal tags are usually not engraved deep enough, which causes them to rub away or fade over time. So even if the ID tag stays on the collar when Harley escapes, whoever finds him may not even be able to read his tag.

Get the ID tag your dog would dream to have!