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Jayson & Duke

Kevin & Chief

Machine Shop to Personify Pets

Growing up in a machine shop, you dream about creating a product of your own.

In 2017 we stumbled across that product, our one of a kind Silicone Pet ID Tag!

The best part of our job now is that we get to delight pets and their owners.

Why BioThane®?

We don't just pick our materials out of a hat. Watch Jayson as he explains why we chose BioThane® to make our collars and leashes.

Why Martingale?

We offer three types of collars for your pet:
• Adjustable
• Custom-fit
• Martingale
But why? Well, some dogs require a bit more security. Here, Kevin talks about how Chief was the inspiration behind our Martingale collar.

Meet the Personify Pack!

We're not the only members of the Personify Pack. We have more than 40,000 pack members, and we want you to join too!
Just send us a picture of your pet sporting Personify Pets gear, and we'll not only keep you up to date on new products and promotions but your pet just might be featured in one of our social media posts!
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